For Our Clients

We specialize in supermarket recruiting. We build relationships that build revenues.

There are many things that differentiate Premier Associates from other recruiting firms, which we believe you will quickly notice from our first conversation. But until then, here are a few reasons we should connect.

20 years of Supermarket Recruiting experience, there is a reason why our very first client is still our client today after 20 years.  

In depth industry expertise so you don't have to waste time getting us up to speed on your business and it's challenges and its opportunities.  Our team has 135 years of Supermarket experience

We employ proprietary search methods that enable us to quickly find the highest quality candidates, the ones not always out there looking, found through 30 years of building long term relationships with people in the industry.    

Once the best candidates are identified, we interview and qualify potential prospects, check references, then help through the entire process to ensure more of your offers are accepted and your transitions are painless.